Japanese puppetry stamp (1999-14)

Japanese Bolivia immigration 100th anniversary

Japanese Bolivia immigration 100th anniversary | Puppet Stamp
1999.06.07 / 1 peaces / #2586
Original picture:i SHIMODA Yoich (illustrator).
It has also been drawn figure of the condor, which is also used in Bolivia of the country chapter.


Hyokkori-hyoutan island

Hyokkori-hyoutan island | Puppet Stamp        
2000.08.23 / sheet 10 peaces / #2699a~b
20 century design stamp 13th Vol ('64 to 71) .
NHK-TV of the popular puppet show of character.
from left: Don Gabacho, Torahige, PhD, lion, background gourd Hyokkori-hyoutan island.


Japanese Bunraku and Nogaku of Korea

Japanese Bunraku and Nogaku of Korea | Puppet Stamp
2001.07.05 / 1 peaces / #Z510
2001 WTO 14th World Tourism Organization Osaka meeting.
Furusato stamp Kinki -37.


TV 50 Anniversary

TV 50 Anniversary | Puppet Stamp
2003.01.31 / 1 peaces / #Z284
Don Gabacho of "Hyokkori-Hyotan island".

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Disney Animeitsu Classics "Pinocchio"

Disney Animeitsu Classics "Pinocchio" | Puppet Stamp
2014.05.13 / 10 peaces / #-----
Greeting stamps (self-glue).
Stamp designer: NAKAMARU Hitomi .
This pattern has been published in several countries on the other.


Enactment day of the classic: Noh and Bunraku

Enactment day of the classic: Noh and Bunraku | Puppet Stamp
2014.10.31 / 2x5 peaces / #-----
Above Noh, under the Bunraku puppet.
Original writer: OGOSHI Kimiko (shellfish covering writer).
The series, issued by the five types of sheet.
(1) "MURASAKI Shikibu diaryscrolls" and books, (2) flower arrangement and Go, (4) Biwa and entertainment, (5) Tale of Genji scrolls and scroll.


Japan: Awa's Bunraku

Japan: Awa's Bunraku | Puppet Stamp
2015.06.02 / 1ST(5) / #-----
The stage of "Awa no Naruto".
The 60th anniversary of the enforcement of local autonomy law "Tokushima prefecture"
Furusato -135


Japan: Awaji Bunraku

Japan: Awaji Bunraku | Puppet Stamp
2018.10.01 / 1ST(10) / #-----
Landscape of the trip Vol. 10 "Way to cross the Seto Inland Sea Part 3".