String Puppet (Asia)

Japan: '88 World Puppetry Festival

  Japan: '88 World Puppetry Festival  
1988.07.27 / 4 peaces / #1800,1803
left/ Takeda Puppet Troupe [Japan]. "Ohana" of the main character of the movie "Meiji Haruaki".
right/ Storing Puppet of Palermo [Itary]. This marionette it can be said that the ancestors of string puppet .


Japan: World Puppetry Festival IIDA

Japan: World Puppetry Festival IIDA
1998.07.17 / 2 peaces / #Z241
Carnival Iida 20 anniversary.
Design: HARADA Taiji.
Region stamp, Shinetsu version.


Japan: Puppet of Disney Movie "Pinocchio"

Japan: Puppet of Disney movie "Pinocchio"
2014.05.23 / 10 peaces / #----
Disney Animeitsu Classics.
Greeting stamps (Self-Adhesive).
Stamp designer: NAKAMURA Hitomi.


India: Traditional Storing Puppet

India: Traditional string puppet
1991.10.29 / 2 peaces / #1385
Indian Storing Puppet have different ways of developing from Europe.


Indonesia: Slovakia "Kašpárek"

Indonesia: Slovakia string puppet
2006. / 2 peaces / #2093
Kašpárek is a famous character played by Kopetsky.
Joint issue with Slovakia.


Cambodia: String Puppet of Pinocchio

Cambodia: String Puppet of Pinocchio
2000.11.20 / 1ss(1)+ 6枚組 / #1190-96
Fairy tale.


Singapore: Mim, Peking Opera, Noh, Puppet Show

Singapore: Theatre Arts of countries Singapore: Theatre Arts of countries
1994.05.18 / 4 peaces / #688
To the right, there is a string puppet.
Festival of Spring.


People's Republic of China: Son Goku's String Puppets

2000.10.09 / 2 peaces / #2053
Also String Puppets in the background.
Puppets and Mask. See Brazil #2767-68.


China (Taiwan): Traditional String Puppet

China (Taiwan): Traditional string puppet
1987.02.12 / 3 peaces / #2572
Other, hand puppt, shadow papet.
Folk Art.


Myanmar: Traditional String Puppet

Myanmar: Traditional string puppet
1971.12.11 / 2 peaces / #226
UNICEF 25th Anniversary.


Mongolia: Howdy Doody Show

Mongolia: Howdy Doody Show
1998. / 3 SS(1)+ 9 peaces/ #----
USA TV Program ('47-'60).